Partnership With Zhenzhi Moulds Opens a New Chapter For The Auto Part Sector

2021/01/01 | shared:

Founded in 1999, ZDM(Zhenzhi) Machinery & Mould Co., Ltd is an enterprise dedicated to the R & D and manufacturing of various high-end precision die-casting moulds; especially in the design, manufacture and heat treatment of automobile and motorcycle moulds and auto parts. After years of development, Zhenzhi) Machinery & Mould Co., Ltd now conducts business cooperation across China, Germany, Japan, France and India, etc. Today, ZDM(Zhenzhi) Machinery & Mould Co., Ltd is one of the China’s most competitive die-casting mould manufacturing enterprises and is undergoing rapid development.

Trust is built on time-tested understanding
In 2020, Shunxing Machinery received a special request from ZDM(Zhenzhi) to develop a super-sized die spotting machine (mould capacity of 150T), which is to be used on a vehicle body weight reduction project for a world-renowned new energy vehicle enterprise. This requirement marks substantial progress for traditional die spotting machine standards.

ZDM(Zhenzhi) Machinery & Mould Co., Ltd has been using SpreX guide pillar die spotting machines since 2008 and fully acknowledges SpreX technical capabilities and service quality. ZDM(Zhenzi) firmly believes SpreX can achieve this technical breakthrough in no time at all.

Responsibility leads to infinite potential
In the same period, the State President and General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Zhejiang on an inspection visit and his excellency came to ZDM(Zhenzi) to offer guidance and council. General Secretary Xi's deep concern inspired us to work harder.

The Shunxing Machinery team was quick to respond within a limited time period, and completed a series of R & D and began manufacture of the given model, even passing the load verification assessment. The model is the product of the following technological breakthroughs: 100T overturning capacity, a 4500×3200mm worktable, 800T mould clamping force. Currently, it is the die spotting machine with the world’s largest mould plate.

Prospect propels continuous improvement
With the automobile industry opting for lightweight and new energy technology trends, SpreX will continue to devote itself to the R&D and manufacture of new die spotting equipment, and hopes to contribute to China’s low-carbon emission progress.