History & Milestone

From China To The Global Stage: From SX To SpreX

SpreX is committed to innovation and technology, and continues to raise new standards over traditional mold making industry methods.
In 2018, Successfully developed and manufactured automatic edge trimming machine in 2018 (the first in China)
In 2015, the company cooperate with Japan KOSMEK, to create world-class quick die change system
In 2014,the company invested more than 25,000 square feet of new plants and put into production, has become the industry's largest and highest market share of manufacturers
In 2013, the company developed two-plate type die spotting machine(the pioneer in China)
In 2012, the company developed double-color and three-color die spotting machines (the pioneer in China)
In 2010, the company launched servo energy-saving type die spotting machine (the first one in the industrial)
In 2008, the company successfully developed rapid die change system and launched it to the market.
In 2007, the column-guided die spotting machine was preferred by domestic and abroad customers, and began to massively enter the market.
In 2005, the company developed and manufactured high precision column-guided die spotting machine (the pioneer in China)
In 2004, the company founded, and began to produce Gantry Type Die Spotting Machine

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