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Why Choose SpreX?

Easy Mold Matching; Convenient Mold Changing

SpreX values supporting clients and the ability to be able to meet their mold spotting needs as efficiently as possible. A high focus on R&D has enabled Sprex to established 35 new invention patents including a number of utility model patents.

Advanced Technology Saves Valuable Time

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Precision mold spotting technology can reduce matching-time by up to 30% compared to traditional methods. In addition, the quick mold changing system can replace traditional screw press designs and can improve mold change lead times by up to 90%.

Improve Mold Change Lead Times By Up To


Reduce Matching-Time By Up To


Optimized Innovations Allowing Efficiency And Secure Molds Turnovers

SpreX Welcomes And Values Feedback From Customers And Are Dedicated To Providing Solutions Through Technological Advancement.

SpreX has designed machines that meet stringent safety standards for mold spotting machines. SpreX strives to exceed customer satisfaction by allocating funds each year for R&D. The goal of R&D is to focus on product innovation, performance, quality and reliability. All products are produced in an environment dedicated to efficiency and worker safety.

Unrivalled Service Ensures A 5-Star Experience

SpreX's Service Team Possess Comprehensive Knowledge And Experience Providing Optimal Customer Support.

We are a team of professionals that integrate R&D, manufacturing and distribution through shared international technical resources from KOSMEK Ltd. The Sprex team participates in every stage of the development process, from design, development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of equipment to maintenance and repair.

As Sprex always put the clients' satisfaction first and provide best quality of service, we have consistently achieved a high retention rate around 35% for the past few years.

High retention rate around



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Guaranteed Quality, Infinite Value

Safe, Precise And Highly Efficient. SpreX Achieves Brilliancet

SpreX engineers are committed to designing products that produce high efficiency, durability and quality, assuring the utmost priority in the pursuit of zero error precision. Great value is placed on the personal safety of the operator. Special attention to the design of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems assures their safety. These include advanced interlocking and mechanical components, oil circuits, valves and electrical circuits.

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