Continuing to Pioneer and Provide Technically Advanced Products forthe Mold Making Industry

Shunxing Machinery (Sprex) is dedicated to serving the mold making industry globally. Since its establishment in 2004, has continuously launched precision equipment capable of automatic production, which optimizes real-time working processes, including Spotting Presses, Quick mold Change Systems and Mold flippers.

SpreX Is Committed To Innovation And Technology
Continues To Raise New Standards Over Traditional Mold Making Industry Methods.

The needs of the global mold industry, has enabled Sprex to accelerate expansion and growth. The core of SpreX identifies with, brand value and advanced technological advancement. The prefix "S" and the suffix "X" denote Shunxing, meaning that Sprex originated from Shunxing. Proud to support China on the global stage.

"Pre" means preparation in advance, and symbolizes Shunxing Machinery' s key technologies that play a crucial role in pairing the upper and lower parts of the mold. It is also adopts the"Press" concept, symbolizing the mold closing and turnover; as well as the zero-error
"precision" , illustrating Shunxing Machinery' s calibration contribution to the automation industry. By adjusting errors prior to production and shortening the product design and development cycle, the reliability and competitive quality of products is assured.

An Industry Leader in Mold Spotting Technology

Business cooperation has taken place in 18 countries with 1,200 clients located in Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America, Central and South America.


Through Advanced Innovation And Manufacturing, SpreX Is Becoming Recognized On A Global Basis.

SpreX is committed to its core values. By maintaining high quality products and premium customer service, SpreX is making a positive impact to the mold making industry. Sprex is striving to become recognized globally through its key technologies, as well as abiding by legal and ethical business practices.

Safety, Precision And Efficiency Are The Core Values Of Shunxing Machinery.

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