Joining Hands With BASIS, Greatly Enhancing International Competitiveness

2021/01/01 | shared:

Joining Hands With BASIS, Greatly Enhancing International Competitiveness

As a global one-stop manufacturing service provider with large-sized precision mould as its business core, Shenzhen BASIS New Technology Co., Ltd (BASIS) integrates industrial design, auto parts and intelligent manufacturing services. It has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the mould industry, and it has set 8 manufacturing bases along China’s major coastal cities, as well as technical factories and service stations in 18 countries and five continents. In alignment with its high-end and intelligent mould quality market positioning, BASIS insists on purchasing both domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing equipment.

After extensive comparisons and taking relevant factors into consideration, BASIS finally selected SpreX high-precision four guide pillar die spotting machine in 2009. After using the machine for a period of time, BASIS was astounded by the stable performance of SpreX die spotting machines. With the enhancement of mould matching and repair efficiency, a long-term cooperation relationship between the two companies has been established since then. By the end of 2019, BASIS had purchased 17 SpreX die spotting machines from Shunxing Machinery, including India.

At the beginning of 2018, SpreX die spotting machine traveled across the ocean and arrived at Basis Mold (Basis Mold’s new India production plant). SpreX door-to-door installation, training, and after-sales services from their after-sales engineers also rid the clients of worries in their day-to-day operations.

Though it is not the first equipment sold by SpreX in the Indian market, Basis Mold has encouraged the purchase of SpreX die spotting machines by letting potential clients try out the die spotting machines at Basis Mold’s factory. This signifies an important milestone in the development of SpreX’s business development in the Indian market.